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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

In the Field…

August 22, 2017 by Emily Nicoletti


One of the things I love most about being an Account Specialist is getting to speak with people from all over the world working for different companies (many of which I was familiar with long before MOBI). Last month, that excitement grew to a whole new level when I traveled to Portland, OR, for my first onsite deployment experience. I’m not normally involved with this customer’s support, so the deployment introduced me to some of the people in their workforce and let me see where the employees we support get work done every day. Knowing this customer was a huge company, I was still surprised when we arrived; I saw company ads and billboards everywhere! There were corporate campuses all over town, and I noticed people with employee badges almost everywhere we went outside of work. We even drove through a…

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Rocked and Socked by Robots?

August 21, 2017 by Matt Louden


Does the term ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ ring a bell? If so, it’s because we’ve mentioned the topic once or twice before. Smart machines and automated technologies pack a serious potential enterprise punch—as long as they’re strongly supported and well-managed. Right now, there are 1,500 companies all over the world frantically working to develop never-before-seen AI applications. As surprising as that number may be, it’s sure to increase as intelligent technology becomes more efficient and affordable. By 2025, today’s annual global AI-driven revenues will look like chump change; they’re expected to skyrocket from $643 million to at least $36.5 billion over that span. That’s 57 times the revenue! There’s also this to think about: in just five years, 85% of enterprise customer relationships could be managed without any human interaction whatsoever. Crazy, huh? Want to handle intelligent technology like a champ? When…

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A Fresh Look for the Future

August 17, 2017 by Matt Louden

New Look

Did you know that mobile devices now account for almost two-thirds of all time spent online? In recent years, enterprise mobility has revolutionized businesses across virtually every industry and geography. That’s why we felt it was time for a revolution of our own. MOBI’s New Look—our fresh, innovative interface that allows users to access MOBI anywhere from any device—has been rolled out. We began transitioning customers to the new interface in Q2; now, all current customers have access and all new customers will onboard with it as well. MOBI’s Asset, Expense, Program, and Workflow Manager tools are accessible on all devices whenever convenient, making complex mobility program management easier than ever before. MOBI’s New Look combines modern colors, cutting-edge console design, and customer feedback to create enterprise mobility’s most intuitive software platform. Collapsible, off-canvas menus not only increase content real…

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Apple DEP and How It Enhances EMM

August 16, 2017 by Matt Louden


Enterprise technology has always been a target for hackers, so why are IT teams working harder than ever to protect company data? After all, security systems have never been more advanced… In today’s digital business landscape, cutting-edge technology can be a double-edged sword. Employees enjoy the efficiency and freedom smartphones provide, but attackers are also using these devices to breach enterprise security at an alarming rate. In fact, 86% of IT administrators believe mobile devices are to blame for the rising number of modern IT security risks. Protecting Devices from Start to Finish While Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software is an ideal mobile security solution, an organization needs more than just product licenses to make it work effectively. Without program-wide visibility and an integrated management platform, it’s almost impossible to ensure user enrollment and compliance. Fortunately, one device manufacturer thought…

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MOBI + World-Class Employees = Industry-Leading Software

August 15, 2017 by Matt Louden

Tech 25

While the back-to-school season is just beginning, one of our employees is already at the top of his class. Chris Brown, MOBI’s Director of Product Development, has just been named a member of TechPoint’s Tech 25 Class of 2017. Since 2015, TechPoint’s Tech 25 classes have recognized critical and exceptional performers that help grow Indianapolis tech and tech-enabled companies. However, unlike CEOs or other top executives, Tech 25 honorees aren’t publicly celebrated very often. That’s why, as a member of TechPoint’s third annual Tech 25 class, Brown will be honored at a special Indianapolis Motor Speedway event held in conjunction with the inaugural Indy Women in Tech LPGA Championship in September. As someone who’s responsible for a team of more than 25 software developers, Brown uniquely balances a wealth of technical knowledge with his ability to connect with any personality…

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