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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

Putting a Price on Mobility

April 17, 2017 by Matt Louden

broadcast incentive auction

How much is mobility worth? A few weeks ago, several wireless carriers came closer to answering that question. At the end of last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concluded its first-ever broadcast incentive auction. Essentially, carriers each paid for a slice of a 70MHz spectrum to repurpose airwaves for mobile technologies. In total, the agency generated almost $20 billion in gross revenue from a handful of mobile network operators. Of all bidders, T-Mobile was the biggest spender. The company outspent it’s second-place competitor, Comcast, by more than four to one. In total, T-Mobile paid $8 billion for 45% of the low-band spectrum sold at the auction. While it looks to have minimal impact on 5G moving forward, the purchase will soon give T-Mobile reliable 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage across the United States and Puerto Rico. How valuable…

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Three Things Your User Interface Needs

April 12, 2017 by Matt Louden

software interface

Making the decision to update your software’s User Interface (UI) is bold. If rushed through without proper research and product testing, the results can be disastrous. If done well, however, something else happens: every dollar invested creates 100 more for the company – that’s a 9,900% Return on Investment (ROI)! Designing a software product’s new look is a complicated, multi-stage process we discussed in-depth a few weeks ago. Regardless of the industry or product’s intended use, an effective UI needs to be three things: configurable, consistent, and flexible. Configurable You new look should be configurable and customizable. Ensuring a UI satisfies unique user needs and integrations properly focuses your software and can inspire new levels of interest in the product. It also transforms the interface into a foundation from which new logical, intuitive end-user features can be built and launched….

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Buying Better Devices

April 10, 2017 by Matt Louden

device orders

By the end of 2017, nearly $400 billion will be spent worldwide on mobile phones. That’s an increase of more than four percent over last year. Large-scale migration from basic devices to smartphones has driven purchase prices upward. Last year, phone prices increased 13.5% because of new device orders. By the end of this year, prices are expected to jump four percent more. Mobile phone manufacturers will ship roughly 1.9 billion new devices in 2017, outselling personal computers by more than two-to-one worldwide. What do MOBI’s device orders look like? So far, 58% of all customer device orders initiated via our software platform this year have been for smartphones compared to just two percent for basic phones. If you don’t have software to manage your program’s connected devices or just need help determining which devices work best, talk to one…

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Transforming Your Cloud Tech Savvy

April 5, 2017 by Matt Louden

cloud technology

Today, 95% of businesses leverage cloud technology to run 79% of their workloads. The average company depends on more than 1,400 cloud services daily. That said, using cloud software and maximizing its impact are two very different things. Today, 95% of businesses leverage cloud technology to run 79% of their workloads. The average company depends on more than 1,400 cloud services daily.[tweet this] Any organization can simply buy licenses and implement a cloud solution, but enterprises hoping to actualize this technology’s full potential need to undertake significant enterprise-wide steps. Here is what that transformation looks like step-by-step: Empower Task Ownership A clearly-defined role or set of responsibilities creates increased feelings of ownership and accountability for employees and easy-to-follow processes and chains of command for organizations. While cloud software is somewhat capable of empowering task ownership on its own, organizations need…

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Connecting the Dots

April 4, 2017 by Matt Louden

mobile technology

For 80% of organizations, mobile technology is a key enabler for achieving business goals. Nearly 70% of today’s business emails are opened on phones, and, by 2022, 70% of all enterprise software interactions will occur on mobile devices. Despite numerous benefits, more than 60% of company executives state internal initiatives to advance enterprise mobile technology have instead created new connectivity problems. In fact, 40% of senior mobility program leaders face hundreds of connectivity-related issues each month, and nearly 50% have trouble diagnosing these issues in the field. Half of all end-user connectivity tickets go unresolved because of inadequate internal solutioning. An expert Mobility Management Platform (MMP), on the other hand, helps resolve network connectivity problems and gives your business the knowledge to advance mobile technologies and evolve your enterprise program. MOBI’s platform overcomes these challenges with complete program management and…

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