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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

Let the Good Times Roll

March 23, 2017 by Matt Louden


As the Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) wraps up its New Orleans meeting, the group’s Executive Board election results have been published. We’re excited to announce MOBI President Mitch Black has been named President of TEMIA! As an integral member of MOBI’s executive team, Mitch Black leads our go-to-market strategy and organization by leveraging years of industry leadership experience and knowledge of the enterprise mobility space. He manages the company’s vision, daily executive leadership, strategic partnerships, and industry relationships. TEMIA members from 40 different companies recognized Black’s extensive industry expertise and leadership experience, electing him and four others to Executive Board officer positions. The organization envisions a bright future over the next two years. “The digital transformation of the workplace is radically reshaping the way work is done in every industry and organization,” says Mitch Black. ”Mobility is leading…

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Head in the Clouds?

March 21, 2017 by Matt Louden

cloud services

Enterprise mobility program managers are always on the lookout for easy-to-use, cost-efficient innovations. Cloud software offers convenience and cost savings potential, making it a hot topic in the world of today’s technology. In fact, 64% of senior Information Technology (IT) employees predict an increase in their company’s cloud services budget this year as a result. Of these employees, 53% expect their budget to increase by at least five percent; 28% expect at least twice that. Cloud data storage is also being deployed at a record pace. In 2017, 54% of all primary data storage options deployed will be cloud solutions because of their ability to more quickly recall information. Cloud systems also increase data’s functionality and analytics potential. In addition to cloud software, saving money and efficiency continue to top the list of enterprise technology leaders’ priorities. Implementing an automation…

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On Cloud Nine

March 16, 2017 by Matt Louden

cloud software

Enterprise mobility programs are unique. No two businesses or verticals have the same mobile technology demands, so a cloud software solution must be flexible and capable of resolving virtually any issue. MOBI’s industry-leading cloud software platform centralizes, comprehends, and controls device ecosystems for almost 20 different verticals. Here’s a quick breakdown of six different industries and how we’ve helped: Transportation This industry relies on programs that offer real-time data, remote accessibility, and connectivity for dozens of device types to succeed. Unfortunately, widespread users and multiple facilities often lead to programs that severely lack centralization and visibility. One customer needed to remedy these issues without burdening IT in the process. Our software solution unified this customer’s disparate systems and eliminated the internal burden of managing enterprise mobility. By automating program management, creating self-service user options, and increasing company-wide visibility, this customer…

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Time to Grow Up?

March 13, 2017 by Matt Louden

second chance

Almost every enterprise uses mobile devices today. However, more than 80% are still stuck in the initial stages of mobile maturity. Despite numerous features and functionalities, 38% of companies leverage mobility solely for remote email and calendar access. Another 43% are only slightly more mature because they collect basic program data and have implemented additional device security. The most mature efforts out there are “additive;” about 19% of programs feature application integration capabilities, location-based device data, and multi-factor device authentication. Nine percent also utilize interactive software tools that facilitate third-party collaboration and external data analysis. No mobility program is fully mature, but a Mobility Management Platform (MMP) accelerates organizational progress and makes businesses 29% more profitable and 15% more productive. What else can industry-leading management software do for you? Talk to one of our experts and schedule a customized demo…

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Five Findings from Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017

March 10, 2017 by Chris Koeneman


I just got back from Barcelona, where a few colleagues and I attended MWC. While there, the topic that dominated conversation was how elemental enterprise mobility has become. What started as an obscure technology is now a revolutionary force responsible for driving innovation. Many MOBIans have witnessed this transformation firsthand; it’s been exciting for us to watch. However, enterprise mobility’s evolution has come with unexpected side effects that have impacted various industries. Here are five changes we discussed at MWC: Manufacturing The management of mobile devices is moving beyond multipurpose technology in the manufacturing sector. Smartphones and other devices that are assigned to an individual increasingly must coexist with things like ruggedized devices that are purpose-built and generally assigned to a department or cost center instead. Despite this fundamental difference, both device types share common needs: asset tracking and lifecycle…

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