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Empower   Employees

Give employees a user-friendly tool to self-serve their mobile management needs while ensuring they stay within your guidelines.

Employee Mobility Dashboard

Employees can see details on their devices, wireless service, and corporate mobility program in multiple languages through their centralized console view.

Program Enrollment

Employees can accept your mobile policy and enroll in the mobile programs your organization offers – whether it be Corporate Liable (CL) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Orders & Replacements

Employees can order new, upgrade, replace, etc. all based on privileges and device catalogs you control. Automated approval workflows allow you to retain control without handling manual processes.

Maintain Devices

Give your employees the ability to make changes to their devices, phone number, wireless service plan, features, etc. – all according to the rules you’ve set in place.

Empower Employees. Eliminate Lost Productivity.

Learn how to empower your employees and eliminate the time and productivity they lose by sitting on hold with the carriers.

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