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Your orchestration engine.

View, build, and automate business processes. MOBI’s software-driven workflows help you simplify and streamline mobility program management.

Workflow Manager Overview (PDF)

MOBI Workflow Manager

MOBI Workflow gives users a code-free, drag and drop user experience capable of creating new processes using logic, event-driven design, and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) best practices.

MOBI Workflow

The orchestration engine for your global connected device estate. Design amazing new experiences using Fields, Forms and Flows.


Create flexible data storage solutions that make it possible to store and use metadata within custom workflows. A drag and drop interface helps you streamline and simplify business process design, testing, and deployment phases.


Empower management workflows with automation and real-time program data. An easy-to-use software interface, intuitive controls, and specified automation triggers accelerate process design tasks to satisfy business needs. Our Forms Page can even help you track which custom forms have been activated and/or integrated into existing tasks.


Give users unprecedented visibility and the tools needed to customize enterprise mobile technology experiences. MOBI’s out-of-the-box template library and code-free configuration environment helps you safely build, test, and iterate new process designs with version control and automatically saved edits.

Workflow Types.

Introduce best-practices through MOBI Workflow Templates. Create Event Driven, User Driven, and Report Driven Workflows and publish to your environment.

Event-Driven Flows

Create workflows that automatically trigger and advance whenever a custom environmental condition is met. “If this, then that…”

User-Driven Flows

Leverage user-designed flows and input to drive processes like new device orders and role-based configuration.

Report-Driven Flows

Activate MOBI’s reporting potential by running results through Workflow for any managed line, device, or user.

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